Reed Diffusers At Work

Whether you are an employee or self employed, you would have to agree that the working environment sometimes factors in to the level of productivity. Fragrance is often considered one of the methods that are the easiest to change and improve in the working environment.
Keeping employees awake and interested in working has always been one of the key questions in most employers minds. As the long day draws to a close  in the office, stress builds up. With the stress building up, it is inevitable to find employees yawning away and to go searching for the nearest coffee kiosk. With the right scent used in your reed diffusers in the office, you will be able to boost morale and increase productivity in the office. At the same time, you will be surprised to know that studies have shown that using certain scents can even reduce stress.

Common scent choices typically include rose, lemon, jasmine and sandalwood. Rose emits a very sweet smelling scent. Its effects include reduction of stress and increase of brain functions for things such as mathematical operations. Highly recommended for audit offices or those who use numbers a good deal of the time. Experts say that the smell of rose also emits a strong aphrodisiac scent as well.
With Lemon, the smell is a very refreshing one. It allows the brain to keep its focus hence increases memory and concentration. An excellent scent to use for offices dealing mainly in the sales floor. With good concentration and memory in place, you will find that your staff will be able to pitch better to their clients. Indigo Reed Diffusers sells a lemon verbena that is fabulous !
Jasmine is traditionally used in many forms of medical benefits. In some part of the world, it is even used as a garnish on some foods. This is because, the scent that it emits, allows ones confidence to be boosted, and energy to be increased. An excellent scent to be used where public speaking is crucial. It is not surprising to meet many speakers who often look tired or not confident. With reed diffusers in place, you will be surprised to see the sort of results it will be produce. Indigo Reed Diffusers sells a jasmine vanilla scent that fits the bill.
Lastly, sandalwood emits a rustic yet sweet oak smell. The effects of his scent include eliminating stress and help in fighting off fatigue. I would suggest to use this scent regularly as you switch between the scents above. It provides the most basic and yet most important form of mental healing for employees these days.
You may feel dubious or even doubt the effects of scent. However, think about the following situation. You walk into a retail store or even an office. The smell will subconsciously affect you in one way or another. There have been several studies done and it has shown that scent presents itself as an important aspect in business.
Reed Diffusers are easy to use and maintain. You can just set them up and leave them there until its time to change the reeds. There are no risks or fire involved. Reed diffuser oils come in so many scents that you can simply choose the ones that would work for your business and it's very simple to implement.

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