No really, what is a Reed Diffuser ?

By Dawn Turner

     If you're seeking a safe and fragrant alternative to having candles in your home or place of work, look no further. Reed Diffusers are safe enough to used in nursing homes and even classrooms. Gone are the days of spilled wax and sooty residue ! Let's discuss the safety, setup and use of reed diffusers. 

     With a Reed Diffuser you get satisfying and fragrant scents and best of all ? Their flame free ! The set up of a Reed Diffuser is fast and easy. Reed diffusers consist of a glass jar (or vase), specially blended reed diffuser oil and rattan reed sticks. You simply pour the oil into your glass container and insert the reeds. The diffuser then pulls the oils to the tops of the reeds naturally through evaporation. Evaporation draws the oils to the tops of the reeds through reed channels. Channels are the straw-like tubes that run the entire length of the reed.  Be certain that your reeds are made of rattan and not bamboo. Bamboo reeds fail to perform properly as they have nodes, not channels, that block the scent from being absorbed and evaporating.

    Reed diffusers last months at a time before replacement oils are needed. Although a reed diffuser can seem rather expensive initially, the fact that they can be used for months on end really does make them cost effective. In addition, you can use different scents in different rooms to create different moods. They also look great and make a nice accent to your home decor.

  Over time, reeds can become saturated to the point that they no longer properly diffuse. The reeds themselves are very inexpensive. If your reeds do become saturated, or clogged with dust- simply replace the reeds and the process starts all over again.
    Buy your reed diffuser oils from reputable vendors. Quality is key with reed diffusers and you want to avoid bases that contain alcohol or DPG, a harsh chemical solvent used to dilute fragrances. Reputable vendors will sell oils that are alcohol and DPG free and that were specially made to properly disburse intro the air. 
  A safe and natural alternative to candles, reed diffusers are an excellent choice based on factors of safety, price and ease of use ! 



Dawn Turner, an expert in fragrance diffusion owns several websites including Indigo Reed Diffusers  and The Diffusery both specializing in reed diffusers.  Dawn, a self professed scent junkie, loves to travel with her husband, listen to music and take long bubble baths


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